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By | 20.02.2022

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Ferrets are a remarkably popular pet these days. They have been well known for their playful attitudes in addition to their sassiness and their love to snuggle.

Ferrets will also be exceptionally smart creatures and will actually be trained to play fetch like dogs! They have been rather easy to care for and need to get a secure cage to be kept in.

They want to try to escape so make sure that their cages possess a fantastic doorway that keeps them in unless you have them outside to play!

These are super social creatures so it is also great to get them in pairs, and hey, the more the merrier!

We have not ever owned a ferret myself. We tend to lean towards dogs than ferrets, but it will not mean we would never own one!

However, we know plenty of people who experienced ferrets and absolutely love these. What we did not understand was how many diverse colors ferrets come in!

We needed to learn a little more about ferrets and their coloration so that we did just small research. That’s when decided to set this rapid guide together to help other possible ferret parents learn more too!

How Many Different Colors does a Ferret Come In?

Eight! We never knew there were a wide variety of ferret colors out there. However, it is correct, they come in eight unique colors and color blends, each with its own special style.

The majority of those are anywhere from white to black and black and anyplace in between, but the color names are not always only the color you see. By way of instance, a tan ferret isn’t only referred to as a tan ferret!

We will explain this better soon, promise. For the time being, let us speak about exactly that which ferret coats are really like.

What is a Ferret’s Coat Like?

Ferrets routinely have two unique coats that change depending on the growing season. In the winter, they have a thicker, more coat to keep them hot.

In the summer, their coat is short and silky. Ferrets are like cats in the fact that they’re completely self-groom, making them incredibly easy to look after.

They have a protective overcoat that is really a bit more slender than their thicker, temperature-gauging undercoat. They do shed somewhat once the seasons change, but maybe perhaps not very much.

You can brush them in this period if you would like to however it’s not required!

Now let us speak about those colors!

Different Ferret Colors


Okay we know we said ferret color titles are not on average just the color you see, however, this can be the exception to this rule.

With black ferrets, their undercoat is white however their overcoat is black and typically possesses black features like their eyes and noses.

Black Sable

Black Sable ferrets are one of the most common colorations you can find. They’re a combination of black and white with a bit of brown mixed in.

Their eyes are either black or dark brown with black or speckled black noses.


Albino creatures are created with no pigmentation or color. This is actually a mutation of these genes that may change their own lives, but they are still ready to live long and healthy lives!

Albino ferrets have all-white fur using a bright pink nose and eyes. Being albino, their skin is significantly more sensitive to sunlight than ordinary ferrets.

This can be something you definitely want to think about if you buy an albino ferret.

Lots of people want to choose their ferrets outdoors, which is totally fine, but be careful to be certain your albino ferret isn’t outside in the sun too long so the skin does not burn off!


Pop the bubbly, you have a new forever friend! The same as the name says these little guys are tan and cream-colored that absolutely look like the color of champagne.

They will have light eyes with pink noses and sometimes have a tiny outline of brown fur around their nose and eyes.


Dark brown was a name that is dull, and everyone enjoys chocolate! You guessed it, this coat is brownish with a white undercoat.

They will have dark eyes that sometimes appear brown or burgundy with a pink nose. Much like the champagne-colored ferrets, they also tend to get a light brown outline in their eyes and nose.

Dark-Eyed White

Unlike the albino ferret, this coloration comes with a big surprise, dark eyes! They also provide pink noses.

Both the undercoat and topcoats are white.


With this specific reddish-brown coat, the name could be the perfect description for those ferrets. Their undercoat is typically white and could have a gold appearance for this.

They’ve dark red or pink noses with a dark reddish-brown outline around the nose and eyes.


This is just another one of the more ordinary ferret colors. They are a warm brown color with a lighter undercoat that may be white, cream, or even tan.

They have black or brown eyes and light brown noses using the exact identical different overview of dark brown around your nose and eyes.

Different Ferret Patterns

There’s a gap between the color and the pattern of ferrets. Two ferrets with various colors can have the exact same pattern or vice-versa!

There are a lot of different ferret patterns and much too many to name all of them. However, we can absolutely share the most common ones!

There are in fact nine common ferret patterns, including mitt, mutt, standard, roan, point, panda, and blaze, solid and striped.

Let us take a closer look at each of the patterns.


Mitt patterns make reference to the ferrets looking like they’ve gloves on. Their toes are white and also the color ceases at their ankles, giving the belief they are wearing socks or mitts!


To fall under this category, ferrets need to own multiple colors with no distinct pattern! They could have stains, stains, or perhaps even a mix of both.


This pattern is pretty, well, standard. It typically categorizes ferrets which are some color but white and is categorized with the lighter undercoat and also a darker overcoat.

These patterns also incorporate the mask around the face.


Roans are any color but white. They have an even coverage in their overcoat during their body.


The purpose pattern gets its name by the “v” shaped mask onto the surface that involves a spot at your nose. Their colors can vary but would perhaps not be white.


Panda printing may possibly seem like they could have the mask of a panda bear, however, the body coloring is somewhat similar.

They actually would not need any markings on their head at all but may have markers across their ears along with the rest of their bodies.


The blaze patters are extra cute with speckled bellies and patches of white in his or her knees. They’ve brown-colored eyes and a white tip on their tails with a light ring around their nose.


This pattern is really simple to see since 100 percent of this body is exactly the identical color. They might have a few small areas of various colors but also, for the most part, they’ll soon be just one color throughout.


The striped pattern will probably have spots or stripes down their back that are a distinct, different color from the rest of this fur.

They typically don’t possess many stripes, but rather a couple of larger ones.

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Additional Questions

1. What are the rarest types of ferrets?

Cinnamon is actually the rarest kind of ferret so finding one would be a tough job, and purchasing it could indicate that your own pocket gets somewhat lighter after the purchase.

Cinnamon ferrets have reddish-brown guard hairs and their tail and thighs stand out darker compared to the others of the creature.

2. Why do ferrets turn yellow?

White ferrets turn yellow because of the naturally occurring oils on their body.

The white ferret’s sebaceous glands (microscopic glands that secrete oil to lubricate or waterproof the face of a mammal) create a release of oil that is yellowish in color.

3. Do ferrets change fur color?

To throw more confusion into the mix, when ferrets shed their coats, usually twice annually in spring and autumn, their own coat feels and color may change.

While they age, ferrets may also develop more white guard hairs, especially on their hind endings, making them appear lighter.

4. What is the cutest type of ferret?

Panda Ferrets are extremely cute monsters with white hair on the nose, shoulders, and head. They have a large white bib that covers the whole base of this ferret’s body.

The sole colored portion of your body will be in the form of a saddle across his or her back. They have a white-tipped tail and 4 mitts.

5. Are boy or girl ferrets better?

Female and male ferrets usually would have lots of differences. Both of them are busy, playful, family-oriented, and curious of course.

Some owners think that females are slightly bitting more aggressive than males when it comes to getting care, but this is purely anecdotal.

6. How do you know if a ferret likes you?

If a ferret is excited or happy, they make little chirping noises with their mouths. These noises are also known as “dooking”.

Based on your ferret, these sounds can be soft or loud, however, they often indicate it wants to play! Watch for the tail wagging.

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Final Review

We honestly never knew there were so many unique colors and patterns to ferrets! They each are therefore unique and adorable.

If you’re thinking about getting home a ferret, picking a color and pattern might be something that’s significant for your requirements personally.

This guide hopefully will assist you in making that decision and help you decipher which color and pattern your ferret drops under!

Hope you find this guide helpful!

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